There’s an idea that could transform Britain – but Brexit won’t let it be heard

Against some stiff competition, one of the worst things about Brexit is the way it sucks up all the oxygen, consuming whatever political energy is available, until there’s none left for anything else. Just think what we might have achieved these past three years if the bureaucratic and intellectual resources we’ve devoted to the business of leaving the European Union had been directed elsewhere.

A no-deal Brexit won’t be a clean break: this nightmare will go on for ever

The myths of a no-deal Brexit are about to collide with reality. Those myths are many, and they flourish on both sides of the great divide. For remainers, the greatest is that no deal could never happen. They look at the polls that show far more Britons oppose a crash-out from the EU than support it – 50% to 38%, according to Ipsos Mori – and they can’t quite believe that any government would defy the public will on so grave a matter.