Diane Abbott steps aside – Election Daily podcast

Jonathan Freedland and Owen Jones are joined by Polly Billington and Matthew D’Ancona on the last day of the election campaign to discuss Theresa May’s promise to rip up human rights laws if they impede her counter-terrorism plans, and the shadow home secretary Diane Abbott stepping aside due to ill health

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Theresa May has used the final hours of the general election campaign to issue new promises on counter-terrorism legislation. She calls for restrictions on suspects and for powers to make it easier to deport foreign criminals. But why was this left out of the manifesto published only three weeks ago?

Joining Jonathan Freedland and Owen Jones in the studio today are Polly Billington, a former adviser to Ed Miliband, and the Guardian columnist Matthew D’Ancona, the author of a new book, Post-Truth.

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Win or lose, this will be Theresa May’s last election | Jonathan Freedland

From dementia tax U-turns to ducking interviews, if the Tory leader triumphs on Thursday, it will be despite the campaign she’s fought – not because of it

After the experience of the last couple of years, surely only a mug would offer a rash prediction about the outcome of the general election – as Prime Minister Ed Miliband, President Hillary Clinton and the winning remain campaign can testify. But here’s one all the same: whether she wins or loses, and even if she bags a much enhanced majority, Theresa May will not fight another general election.

That’s chiefly because, as a candidate, she’s proven herself to be jaw-droppingly bad. When she called this election, on April 18, May, had a poll lead so large it may always have been illusory. But then she seemed to set out, methodically and with great purpose, to reduce it.

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It’s not the economy, stupid – Election Daily podcast

Owen Jones and Jonathan Freedland are joined by Zoe Williams to discuss why the economy has played such a limited role in this election. Plus: London mayor Sadiq Khan becomes the latest target of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed

Elections in Britain and elsewhere are usually fought primarily on the economy – the line from Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign “it’s the economy, stupid” has become a political cliche. But the 2017 election, interrupted twice by terrorist attacks and fought initially on Brexit, has seen the wider economy drop down the agenda.

Joining Owen Jones and Jonathan Freedland today is the Guardian columnist Zoe Williams.

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Police cuts and ‘enough is enough’ – Election Daily podcast

Jonathan Freedland and Owen Jones are joined by Prospect editor Tom Clark to discuss the political response to the terrorist attack in London on Saturday night which left seven people dead and 48 injured

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Terrorism has hit Britain once more: seven people were killed and 48 injured in central London on Saturday night, but the election continues. Theresa May in Downing Street declared ‘enough is enough’ while Jeremy Corbyn warns ‘you can’t protect Britain on the cheap’. After we recorded this episode Jeremy Corbyn called for Theresa May to resign for presiding over a decline in police funding while in her role as home secretary.

Joining Owen Jones and Jonathan Freedland in the studio today is the editor of Prospect Tom Clark, host of the magazine’s Headspace podcast.

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The world took Trump as a comedy – but he’s turned into a horror show | Jonathan Freedland

The president’s White House seemed pure TV drama, but his move out of the Paris climate change agreement gives it a sickening twist

Until now, at least for those watching from afar, the Trump show has been a spectacle. It has shocked and appalled, but with the compulsive appeal of something like entertainment. The accelerating investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has followed the story arc of a gripping political thriller, a real-life rival to House of Cards. Indeed, the latest episode of the Trump-Russia drama promises a cameo role for our own Nigel Farage, now named as a “person of interest” to the FBI’s inquiry (even if voters in seven UK parliamentary contests deemed him anything but).

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Fewer Americans mine coal than work in Disney World

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