There is an alternative to Brexit: we need to talk about migration controls | Jonathan Freedland

The hour is very late, but Labour remain campaigners need to address the number one concern of people who’ll vote to leave Europe next week

The polls suggest two things are happening in the EU referendum campaign. First, that leave is opening up a genuine lead over remain. Second, that what’s shifting voters – including many traditional Labour supporters – towards Brexit is the issue of immigration.

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Free speech under attack – Guardian Live event

An expert panel debates whether there should be limits to what we say and write, and if so, who should decide what is acceptable or not?

Thanks to the phone in our pocket, we can now reach and be reached by up to 4 billion other people. Never has free expression been so accessible. Yet this world of hyper-connectivity leaves us open to gross intrusions into our private lives.

At a Guardian Live event in London an expert panel debated the issue: Guardian journalist Timothy Garton Ash, author of Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World; Joanna Williams, education editor of Spiked and author of Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity; Rowan Williams, the former archbishop of Canterbury and Kenan Malik, academic and author of The Quest for a Moral Compass.

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Disraeli by David Cesarani review – the Jewish prime minister and antisemitism

Disraeli climbed the greasy pole by defending the very culture that had shut Jews out – and himself peddled antisemitic ideas in his fiction

One of the defences offered during the recent controversy over antisemitism within the Labour party was an insistence that anti-Jewish racism was always, in fact, a Tory problem. A vivid and illuminating new biography of Benjamin Disraeli – published as part of Yale’s Jewish Lives series and one of the last two works by the much-admired historian David Cesarani, who died aged 58 last year – provides corroborating evidence on almost every page.

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Cesarani hands us the ammunition that, these days, would be used to assail Disraeli as a self-hating Jew

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Which would you rather, President Trump or Brexit? It’s no contest | Jonathan Freedland

If Britain votes leave on 23 June it will be a hammer blow to the last 70 years of peace in Europe

What if the devil came to visit you in the dead of night? What if, dressed in a fine suit, his tail and pitchfork artfully concealed, Lucifer himself offered you a deal? Knowing the anxiety that was keeping you – a good, progressive type – up at night, he promised that he would grant you one, but only one, of your two deepest current wishes: you could either be sure that Donald Trump would lose the US presidential election or you could be guaranteed that Britain would vote to stay in the European Union. You could have one or the other, but not both. Which would you choose?

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Peace in Northern Ireland is fragile and delicate. Brexit would stomp all over it

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Bow out, Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton needs a clear run at the White House

Sanders has fought a remarkable campaign, but fighting on now Clinton’s been declared the presumptive nominee will only damage her chances against Trump

It’s an odd kind of victory. Hillary Clinton surely dreamed of crossing the finishing line in style, with a clear, unambiguous win in one of the early primary contests back in February or March. She doubtless pictured herself taking a call from her leading opponent – in which he conceded defeat and offered his congratulations – before facing a crowd of exultant supporters. That’s how victories in presidential campaigns are meant to look.

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