Politics Weekly podcast: Question Time, the BNP and post offices

We bring in our champion of free speech this week, Henry Porter, to discuss with Jonathan Freedland and myself the issue of the BNP on Question Time. Although both admit they will be watching this evening, both condemn the BBC's decision to have Nick Griffin on the programme. I press Henry on how he can square this position with his libertarian principles. He answers, in agreement with Jonathan, there are plenty of places beside the question time studio where it is possible for Mr Griffin to speak freely.

Obama’s Nobel: It Makes Sense in Norway

Over the last few days a consensus has formed, on both the left and the right, that awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama was too much, too soon. Even the President’s warmest admirers were embarrassed by the honor’s prematurity, while his domestic critics seized on it much the way they had reacted to the international adulation Obama received as a candidate, when, for example, he brought more than 200,000 people onto the streets of Berlin: they saw it as evidence both of the wide-eyed, teenybopper crush foreigners have on Obama and, somehow, of the President’s own hubris. But on closer examination, the award is not the stunning surprise it first seemed. And, at least from the point of view of those who gave it, it’s not so daft either.